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The classes of the Omnisports product line!

What does this mean?
There are now more options offered to you from the Omnisports range than ever before!

Growing the range
Tarkett Sports has expanded their Omnisports line to offer the most complete selection ever. The line has been augmented to include class 4 force reduction. The product spectrum now ranges from class 1 to class 4 of the ASTM F2772 standard for athletic performance properties. This standard arranges degrees of shock absorption into five categories. This aids in determining what the most appropriate level would be for specific sports and other applications.

Achieving a higher class
To achieve a class 5 level of functionality, we offer the Kinesport product which combines a flexible covering material like Omnisports vinyl flooring with a cushioned wood sub-layer. Combining these components provides two levels of elasticity for optimal shock absorption. When combining both area-elastic (the wood component) and point-elastic (the vinyl component), this creates a combi-elastic sports flooring solution. All these types of systems are categories are detailed in our Sports Flooring 101 page.

Finding the proper solution
We believe that the evolution of the Omnisports line allows us to be even more precise in our product offering. This provides an even more complete range of options to choose from in order to better answer what your particular project is calling for. These solutions are implemented to answer many different applications, whether you’re looking for a fitness centre, a dance/aerobics studio, a daycare, a running track, or even a school gymnasium. Each application has its own requirements, and we’ll surely have the option that will fit your project like a glove.

The Omnisports sports flooring line now includes:

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ASTM F2772 Sports Floor Category Chart
Omnisports sports floor

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