Fitness centre surface with heavy weights

You might have the right shoes, but do you have the right surface?

Our physical health contributes to all aspects of our life. It’s no wonder that more and more people are turning to fitness centres to help them improve their health. The challenge for these centres is to provide the optimal conditions for the health, safety, and progress of their clients.

Most fitness personnel are specialists in the physical exercises and fully understand the equipment necessary to provide the best conditions to their clientele. Not everyone, however, is aware of the added advantage of installing the right flooring to complement that equipment and provide an extra edge to the fitness and well-being of their clients. Advantage Sport is an expert in sports flooring solutions to maximize the functionality of these environments. Let us be your partner in creating the ideal environment for the health and welfare of your clients and the success of your centre. We have developed a unique approach by understanding and addressing the realistic needs of fitness professionals.

Floor planning is the first step in creating an efficient fitness environment and optimizing your space for performance. We have the necessary expertise to find the proper flooring solution for a wide variety of fitness applications, whether the need is for strength training equipment areas, cardiovascular and flexibility workouts, free weight zones, CrossFit workout space, and even interactive exercise areas. Each type of workout demands different surfacing solutions to increase their effectiveness. We also offer attractive and practical options for your dressing rooms, corridors, main entrance and other shared areas. Each space can greatly benefit from a customized floor covering that is engineered to effectively and safely support the activity that is being practiced.

Each type of flooring has its benefits and drawbacks, but the key is finding the right one to match the activity. Here are some general categories to consider that will help to refine your search.

Rugged & high-impact

Flooring types are extremely tough and resistant, made to withstand high intensity workouts, difficult conditions, and rough handling.

  • Free weights
  • Strength training
  • CrossFit

Resilient & shock absorbing

Floor surfacing that can spring back into shape after being compressed. They are made to be tough, but also comfortable on your joints as they recover quickly.

  • Cardio & flexibility
  • Running track
  • Multi-purpose gymnasium

Grip & glide

Surfaces that provide a firm hold for your feet, but also offers the benefit of a smooth continuous steady movement.

  • Sled training
  • Indoor soccer

Functional & interactive

Type of surface that offers functional markings on the floor or interactive cues to help guide your workout.

  • Exercise based on natural movements such as speed, agility, balance, coordination, flexibility and more.

With a wide selection of specialized flooring available through Advantage Sport and a high quality installation, your fitness centre will have the proper grounding required to get up and running with the best possible environment for your clientele’s well-being and enjoyment.

Fitness centre with high-performance rubber surface

Fitness centre with a synthetic turf runway and sled

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