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Case Study – St. Mary’s High School



Advantage Sport came to the rescue of St. Mary’s High School (Kitchener, Ontario) to resolve their gymnasium problems as they were dealing with a failing hardwood floor. That floor was installed just 15 years ago whereas a new resilient hardwood sports flooring should last at least 50 to 60 years. The situation we were faced with involved an under-designed system in addition to an uneven concrete slab with variations and gaping. This caused the wood boards to split, crack, and eventually break, creating a need for constant repair. The flooring system that was installed failed to consider that a gymnasium environment should be capable of withstanding many different stresses.


To begin, we had to perform a full tear-out as the initial surface was not correctable. It was time for the school to finally have a quality sports floor that would last. Our MFMA hardwood sports flooring was specified, in part, for its solid, consistent construction. The floor system includes a lower layer composed of natural rubber pads for high shock absorption and two layers of plywood for dimensional stability.

A new hardwood surface needs to be installed on a proper concrete slab so before any work could begin, the unfit slab had to be corrected. A big part of our work was to fix the concrete by filling in all the low areas to meet the levelness requirements. The concrete slab provides the foundation for your floor. If the concrete slab surface is not sufficiently level, the flooring cannot function at optimal performance levels.

Once we had a reliable foundation, our expert installers were ready to go ahead with the final install. They were able to swiftly and attentively ensure the proper process for the hardwood installation because a properly installed sports flooring provides a quality surface that will last a lifetime.


St. Mary’s High School, at last, has flooring to be proud of. The new flooring delivers high quality, high-performance, safety, comfort, and most of all, it is free of needing constant repairs. The overall appearance of the hardwood flooring is impressive with an intricate center logo and floor lettering. The basketball keys and centre circle stand out as they are meticulously stained a darker color than the rest of the natural maple floor. In this way, they now have a professional-looking gymnasium and a high-performance sports floor for many years to come.

Concrete slab patching

Concrete slab variations

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Hardwood floor installation

Centre logo hardwood gymnasium

Side lettering hardwood gymnasium

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