Poured polyurethane gymnasium flooring

Most sports flooring available on the market today offer a variety of options as to the appropriate installation technique. Depending on the selected type of flooring, different methods can be utilized. They vary according to the flooring materials chosen, and the conditions of the installation environment. Regardless of the selected approach, the sub-floor must be clean and level.

This list is meant as a quick run through different methods so you are informed about what you can expect from different surfaces.

Glue down

An approach in which the mats, tiles, rolls, or sheets are adhered to the subfloor with the use of a specialized adhesive for flooring. This method will ensure that the floor will stay in place and offer excellent durability.

Types of sports flooring:

  • Rubber
  • PVC
  • Synthetic vinyl
  • Linoleum

Loose laid

The manner in which the flooring is laid down on the surface without the use of any adhesive. Many times, the surfacing materials are heavy enough to stay in place, and they can be laid over existing flooring that is smooth and clean. Occasionally, the use of a small amount of adhesive and specialized double-sided tape can be required in strategic points. This method is referred to as the GreenLay installation method for vinyl flooring.

Flooring types involved:

  • Rubber
  • Synthetic vinyl


This arrangement allows tiles to lock into each other by its puzzle-like design. Installation is easy because no glue or tape is required, allowing them to be quickly installed over existing flooring. This method also allows replacing of tiles if they happen to get damaged.

Type of flooring:

  • Rubber


The modular concept applies to products that are detachable, removable, and portable to offer many straightforward, practical, and personalized possibilities. This format provides different custom made specialised fastening systems designed for the type of surface. They consist of various engineered solutions to provide several benefits, depending on the specific product and its use.

Applicable materials:

  • Rubber
  • Synthetic turf
  • Grid tiles

Tongue & groove

This is the standard method which is mainly used to assemble surfaces that are made of wood. Each board includes an extended ridge (tongue) edge and the opposite side incorporates a concave slot (groove). By fitting the edges of these panels together, the imbricating feature creates highly snug seams.

Relevant flooring types:

  • Hardwood
  • Engineered wood


An approach utilized to create a completely seamless sports floor. Composed of a rubber underlayment with an overlay of several layers of polyurethane. Seeing that this flooring is poured on the surface, creates a completely seamless result.

Unique sports floor:

  • Pad & Pour (poured polyurethane)
Arena hallway with full glue application
Rubber flooring with fitness equipment
Interlocking feature on rubber tiles
Modular rubber tiles
Wood sports flooring in a gymnasium

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