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There’s Flooring and then there is Sports Flooring. There is a crucial difference. For any sports activity, it is a must to possess a quality sports floor that is tailored to meet your unique athletic needs. The floor covering material is the foundation of a successful sports area. Too many facilities that host recreational, athletic. and sports activities are equipped with only regular flooring making it inappropriate for an active environment. Unfortunately, these circumstances often result in injuries. A proper playing surface is essential to prevent aches and pain that can keep you out of the game.

Sports flooring is engineered for optimal athletic performance. It is also made to provide crucial health and safety benefits, making it appropriate for athletic, physical, and recreation activities.

A breath of fresh air

Doesn’t it defeat the purpose of playing your favourite sport to stay in shape if the air you breathe during your activity is not healthy and safe? Specific certifications help you know if your flooring is meeting established health standards. Some examples to verify include: Asthma & Allergy Friendly™ certification, Floor Score® certification, and Phthalate-free manufacturing procedures.

Protecting your joints

Achieving an injury-free recreational activity is certainly desired. The body parts that tend to be most sensitive to physical action are your joints. Sports flooring considers materials that offer resiliency, cushioning, flexibility, and softness. These factors play a big part in how your joints react to force impact and shock absorption. An inappropriate sports floor could have an impact on premature wear of your joints which can cause discomfort and even interfere with your everyday activities.

Surface finish for playability

A recreational or sports flooring system must also offer the responsiveness and appropriate friction so there is no slipping and sliding that can lead to injuries. Specialized sports surfacing materials consider acceptable levels of friction for every category of indoor athletics such as the type of physical activity that will be taking place on the surface.

Contribution to a healthy lifestyle

Staying in shape, eating well, and getting enough hours of sleep are considerations that are becoming more popular among communities. A variety of sports can be practiced to contribute to this lifestyle. A high-quality sports floor is needed to prevent injuries that can interfere with this way of life.

Impact on the environment

The health and safety of a sports floor don’t just relate to the people who use it. We must also consider what the flooring does to the environment. Most sports-related floors can be reused, recycled, and incorporate sound installation procedures that minimize waste.

Contact us for more information about the appropriate sports flooring for your athletic area. A surface that will offer health & safety features, that is adequate for your sports performance, and that is specialized for sports activities while preventing unnecessary injuries.

Sports injury on joint

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