Fencing sports flooring made of wood

Case Study – Sainte-Foy CEGEP


Sainte-Foy CEGEP [College] was equipped with installations dating back to when it was built in 1967 and needed a complete change of its sports flooring to meet today’s needs. The sports activities service of the school offers a vast choice of sports disciplines and was looking to benefit from floor surfacing that is adapted to the practice of sports. The goal of these renovations was to offer appropriate and quality installations for the CEGEP’s sports students.

After all these years, it was natural to proceed with some renovations. This is only the first step, others will follow, making it a technologically advanced facility. The students will be the first to benefit from these upgrades, able to practice their favourite sport in an environment adapted to today’s needs.

Advantage Sport was assigned to undertake the installation of many floor surfacing materials in the same schooling facility. As an industry specialized company, we were able to meet all their needs. We have both the expertise and a wide variety of products in order to offer the best selection of floor coverings. At the CEGEP, we provided flooring for their:

  • Gymnasium
  • Aerobics/dance studio
  • Fencing room

We completed the three sports rooms by using different materials to meet the requirements of each sport.

Engineered wood

Each of the two 3,000 square foot studios were installed with the Boen Boflex Stadium floor surfacing. The fencing room was made of unvarnished ash wood in order to allow the application of custom stain on customer request. The aerobics/dance studio was equipped with the same material, but in pre-finished ash. With this product, we were able to propose a flooring system that would respond in a targeted manner. This flooring absorbs jumps from youths as well as the movements from adults because the elasticity varies according to the weight of the sports enthusiast.

Sheet vinyl flooring system

For the 8,000 square foot double gymnasium, the material selected was Omnisports in a “Light Maple” colour with a perimeter of “Royal Blue”. A logo was also integrated into the centre court to the effigy of the school’s sports team, the Dynamiques of Sainte-Foy. The main features of this material are, amongst others: a surface designed for easy maintenance and its capacity to absorb shocks in order to protect the player’s joints.

The renovations took place in the summer of 2017 and the students were able to enjoy the new installations upon their return to school in September. They have certainly appreciated the transformation in their new environment.

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Sports flooring made of wood for fencing class
Aerobics/danse studio with wood flooring
Flexible floor covering material in a gymnasium

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