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Gymnasium at the Bernie Morelli Recreation Centre

The Bernie Morelli Recreation Centre in central Hamilton was highly anticipated by the community. The centre is named after the late Bernie Morelli, who had a goal of building a state-of-the-art sports complex specifically geared towards seniors. The Bernie Morelli Recreation Centre offers 54,000 square feet of brand new recreation space, designed to offer all sorts of activities. It includes a poured polyurethane 4,200 square foot gymnasium, a matching 2,600 square foot running track, and two 660 square foot fitness studios, each fitted with quality hardwood flooring.

The architects were not convinced that the flooring type they typically use would work for this project. So they went on a quest, looking for a better solution, and they uncovered a treasure chest with PolyTurf Plus Pad & Pour and an uncommon hardwood design solution.

Even though the recreation center is available to community members of all ages, its design is heavily focused towards seniors, some with mobility issues. They were looking for a multi-purpose flooring that would answer the needs of various sports activities, but also many social events such as card games. The flooring also needed to withstand the use of canes, walkers, and wheelchairs.

Poured polyurethane sports floor
The architects and the general contractors were pleased to discover that PolyTurf Plus Pad & Pour flooring has no joints. This is a significant advantage because their population of seniors is particularly susceptible to uneven surfaces. Also, given that the offered activities are varied and could require the use of different types of equipment, the load bearing capacity of this flooring represents another definite plus.

Finally, in order to benefit seniors with low vision, the selection of custom colours helps to better define the gymnasium activity area through the creation of a contrasting perimeter colour. Another appreciated feature of this flooring is that it offers shock absorption properties. Its resiliency makes it easier on the user’s joints during the various sports and fitness programs. In addition, the matching grey coloured track overhanging the gymnasium includes multiple lanes allowing either walking or jogging.

Hardwood flooring
Two hardwood dance and fitness studios are also adapted to offer appropriate impact cushioning benefits. The unique pattern effect of this hardwood floor was custom designed to make the space particularly eye-catching. These rooms even include handy cubby holes, allowing users to store their belongings during classes.

Another advantage of the selected flooring options is that they keep maintenance to a minimum. Just a quick sweep is all that is required on a daily basis, which is a key feature for such a busy sports facility.

We were very pleased to be able to provide the city of Hamilton with these exceptionally well suited flooring solutions for their recreation center. Equipping the recreations building’s space with high quality flooring will allow the municipality to serve the community well for many years to come.

View of the gymnasium sports flooring surface from above
Hardwood flooring in the fitness studio
Polyurethane poured floor running track
Two lanes of the running track

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