Synthetic turf sledding track

Fitness centres must always have rubber flooring to resist the wear and tear of everyday use and to meet the needs of heavy equipment and free weights such as kettlebells and dumbbells. Today, there is a new exercise trend being offered in gyms that is included in workout routines … sled training! Exercises such as pushing, pulling, and dragging sleds that are weighted down by various pounds of weight plates has become a popular activity in any fitness training program. Obviously, the friction and grip of a rubberized floor covering is unfit to allow the slip needed for this workout. That is why the use of high-quality synthetic turf, sometimes called artificial turf, is the best floor covering option for this type of exercise in fitness centres.

Turf characteristics

TurfLink is a modular panel system designed to serve indoor installations. It offers the convenience of flexibility as the panel system is capable of adapting to very specific requirements. The surface offers optimal traction for stability and grip while allowing enough slip to allow for the usage of sleds.

Synthetic turf runway

This floor covering system is usually arranged to form a narrow long track. Multiple lanes are usually incorporated so more than one user can use it at the same time. It can even be used to race against a competitor!

Visual effect

The panel turf fibers tend to lean in one direction. If another lane is arranged with the panels facing a different direction, this configuration creates an interesting visual effect. It gives the impression that the rows of the synthetic turf are made of different shades of green.

Lanes and distance lines

Adding definition to the track by separating the lanes with the use of white turf lines makes it attractive and tempts the members to make a trial run. The white lines can also be used to create distance lines to determine how far the sled has traveled!

Branding logos

Adding interest to a synthetic turf track with the addition of a brand logo is definitely alluring. A precise technique using water jet cutting makes it possible to inlay a logo with a different colour turf into the green panels.

Why not add a synthetic turf track to your fitness centre? Your members will definitely appreciate the added exercise experience during their training program. Make sled training a part of your workout routine!

Weighted sled on turf runway
Large standard turf sledding track
Sled with an artificial turf runway in a fitness centre

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Adding a synthetic turf track to your fitness centre?

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