Omnisports synthetic gymnasium sports floor

Case Study – Nashwaaksis Middle School


Through our long-standing relationship of mutual trust and partnership with Nashwaaksis Middle School for over 40 years, the facility has benefited from a few of the high-quality gymnasium flooring provided by Advantage Sport.


It all began back in 1977. Nashwaaksis Middle School needed sports flooring for their 30,000 square foot gymnasium. At the time, Uni-Turf was the best choice of surface for this large gym and it served the facility and its students well for over 20 years.

However, with the advances in technology, materials, and scientific studies of the needs of the human body in motion, the choice of the optimal flooring will evolve as time goes on.

High-quality sports flooring generally has a long life cycle, there does anyway come a time when it needs replacing. For this school, it was in September 2001 when the bell rang signaling that it was the right time for them to consider a new athletic surface. As great a job as the Uni-Turf did for all those years, the progression in the sports flooring industry made it possible to offer new and even better-suited products for the project at that time. Taraflex was the innovative product that we recommended to suit their needs and it was very effective in meeting their expectations!

Superior standards

By the time October 2019 rolled around, their requirements were again being reevaluated and this time, we proposed the highest performing athletic flooring material on the market today. The sports flooring industry now enforces superior standards regarding safety and evaluates its suitability for physical and sports activities. For example, the ASTM F2772 standard evaluates playability factors, such as ball rebound, for optimal performance. It also calls for sports flooring that offers appropriate friction and superior shock absorption, thus minimizing the force of impact. Omnisports consequently became the obvious choice. This surface is the pride of Tarkett Sports indoor, a world-class provider of multi-purpose, high-performance flooring products. Omnisports includes a 25-year warranty and undeniable health & safety benefits.


Advantage Sport is proud to still today deliver the best-suited sports flooring on the market. It is our way of contributing to the success of the Nashwaaksis Middle School and a few hundred others. We are convinced that Omnisports flooring will provide many more years of great performance to this facility.

Large gymnasium back in the 1970s
Current large indoor sports floor

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