Hardwood gymnasium in a school

Case Study – Burlington Central School


The ambitious renovation of the Burlington Central School had to be well planned as they needed to redo two gymnasiums. The existing wood floor in the main gymnasium was over 50 years old and it was extremely well used. They took two years to prepare for this extensive overhaul by scheduling site visits before the tendering process. Advantage Sport worked with the architect and school board to determine which type of flooring system would meet their requirements.

The school requested our expertise to install a smaller 3,176 square foot (295 m2) gymnasium and a larger 6,262 square foot (581.7 m2) gym as well. Both the gymnasiums and the change rooms got a makeover which included new paint on the walls and a new sports flooring system.

For both gymnasiums, we recommended a northern hard maple flooring system. The chosen flooring system features a double-layered sheathing subfloor for stability and provides uniform performance and great ball response. It is also certified by the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association (MFMA), an organization that ensures the conformity of hardwood flooring and that it meets the established standards. We installed long-length strip flooring with an expansion ridge technology (ERT) to accommodate expansion.


When it’s a question of totally revamping a sports environment like a gymnasium, it can become quite difficult to coordinate the work that needs to be done. Construction crews are coming and going with their lifts being driven through the area. In the case of Burlington Central, various teams needed access to the spaces to paint the walls and install sports equipment like basketball nets and scoreboards. There were also surrounding rooms being renovated that used the gymnasiums for access. However, we needed to get in there too! When our team determined the perfect timing, we leaped into action.

To begin, it was necessary to perform a full tear-out of the previous flooring materials. Once that work was completed, it was obvious that the concrete slab needed to have a top layer poured over it to even it out before the installation of the new flooring. Once that top layer had cured, we began the installation of the subfloor with shock-absorbing pads and installed the hardwood overtop shortly after.


The stained basketball keys and centre circle create a stunning look. The addition of the logo was the perfect final touch. Now that Burlington Central School has not only one but two nicely renovated gymnasiums, the students and staff are thrilled with their greater options for their sporting activities.

Advantage sport takes pride in every sports floor installation project. We enjoy the teamwork and partnership that we form with our clients to determine the ideal flooring solution for their needs.

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Small hardwood gymnasium in a school
Large hardwood gymnasium with stained basketball keys
Intricate school logo on hardwood floor gymnasium

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