Revêtement de sol sportif en caoutchouc dans un aréna

Case Study – Sixteen Mile Sports Complex


Thousands of visits take place at the Sixteen Mile Sports Complex each week. The visitors at this arena participate in ice rink related sports that include free skating, figure skating, speed skating, hockey and more.

Construction of the 196,000 square foot sports complex facility began in 2008 and the facility opened in September 2010. This state-of-the-art quad pad arena includes 1 Olympic-sized ice rink with seating for 1,500 spectators, 3 NHL-sized ice rinks, 22 change rooms, 2 community rooms, 2 shooter pads, and a pro shop.


After 10 years of use, the rubber flooring was no longer able to meet the demands of the busy arena. It had deteriorated to a degree that would no longer perform safely. The city needed to replace the flooring with a product that could better withstand the amount of use it was subjected to.

They needed a high-quality flooring system that could endure the wear and tear of daily use and deal with the high traffic demands of users wearing ice skates. In addition, the arena sports flooring needed the capacity to handle many types of conditions such as cold, water, humidity, dirt, and spills, yet still provide easy maintenance.

Therefore, the sports facility decided it was time to undergo major renovations that consisted of resurfacing the main entrance, hallways, change rooms, and the perimeter of all four ice rinks. Over 32,000 square feet of premium skate-resistant arena flooring was installed in these areas.


We recommended MaxFlor+, a premium flooring that resists ice skate blades.

MaxFlor+ is engineered to provide enhanced benefits to arena owners and operators. Improved performance and superior design are achieved through greater dimensional stability and higher density. To achieve these milestones, vulcanization is the manufacturing method of choice.

Vulcanization, invented & perfected by Charles Goodyear in the 19th century, is a rubber manufacturing process that revolutionized the use of rubber in the industry. This process transforms rubber with the combination of heat, natural additives, and high compression into a more stable and higher density product.

The benefits of MaxFlor+ are significant: superior abrasion resistance, ease of maintenance, as well as remarkable aesthetics. In addition, MaxFlor+ tiles are molded one by one by highly skilled Italian craftsmen. This dedication to quality and craftsmanship from design to manufacturing results in superior quality, non-porous, ice skate-resistant arena tile with the lowest life cycle cost in its category.


The sports complex was able to create not only a safe environment for its visitors but also a strong visual appeal and impact. Their colour selection combined the use of the colours Charcoal with accents of Royal Blue. Our top-notch installation team was able to join the two colours seamlessly to bring the customer’s design ideas to life while our project management team ensured the job was completed on schedule and on budget.

Residents will benefit from the improvements to the Sixteen Mile Sports Complex facility for many years to come.

Hallway in arena showcasing a 2 colour design
Access door to the rink in ice arena
Player's change room with skate blade resistant rubber flooring

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