Sports flooring in gymnasium using the GreenLay installation method


You want your sports flooring to offer superb shock absorption, better resiliency, and terrific traction so athletes can make the most of their game. However, does your sports flooring have to negatively impact the environment and cost you more money, time, and waste?

Not anymore. The GreenLay installation method provides you with an ideal eco-friendly option when replacing an existing floor or installing a new one.

What Is GreenLay?

First developed in 1995, GreenLay is a unique installation method for resilient sports flooring. It was designed to solve challenges with temperature changes and high moisture levels and is still in use 25 years later.

Since its invention, about 12 million square feet (over a million square metres) of sports flooring has been installed using the GreenLay installation method, with over 4 million square feet (over 370,000 square metres) in North America. There have been zero failures reported when properly applied.

GreenLay has become the benchmark in performance and environmental responsibility for sports flooring.

How Does GreenLay Installation Work?

The GreenLay installation method ensures that sports flooring only adheres to just 2% of the floor area. This small amount of adhesive runs parallel to the walls and doorways of the gym or court while an exclusive double-sided tape secures seams. It can tolerate up to 92% relative humidity making the installation less dependent on moisture conditions.

The innovative GreenLay installation method is used exclusively with Omnisports flooring because of its excellent dimensional stability and virtually tension-free manufacturing process.

Benefits of Using GreenLay Installation Method

GreenLay is about more than just the longevity of your sports flooring. It also delivers:

  • 20% reduction in installation time, decreasing construction delays and downtime.
  • Higher moisture tolerance than traditional installations.
  • Less costly than moisture barriers; in most cases, at a fraction of the cost.
  • Minimal adhesive contamination: GreenLay is 98% adhesive-free so end-of-life recycling is easier.
  • Less waste because of its limited use of adhesive.
  • Reduced chance of micro-organisms colonizing under the floor because of moisture control.

Types of Flooring that Use the GreenLay Installation Method

Omnisports Multiflex

Omnisports Multiflex is a versatile synthetic flooring ideal for gyms, schools, sports facilities, running tracks, and multi-purpose spaces. It’s compatible with both rolling and static loads and provides a treated wear layer for durability.

Omnisports Active+

Omnisports Active+ is high-performance synthetic flooring providing superior shock absorption for safety and comfort. The durable treated wear layer and smooth surface make maintenance easier. It’s a great solution for gyms, schools, sports complexes, dance studios, music rooms, running tracks, and multi-purpose spaces.

Omnisports PurePlay

Omnisports PurePlay is a multi-purpose, versatile floor with resilient foam backing. It’s easy to maintain and can cover a large surface quickly with minimal seams. It’s a very popular solution in sports facilities and school gyms but also a great solution for dance studios and music rooms.

Clients Love GreenLay

With so many satisfied architects, senior executives, gym managers, school trustees, and more, you know you’re making the best eco-friendly flooring decision with the GreenLay installation method. Contact us today to learn more.


Principal Architect Walter Altman of Altman + Barrett Architects in Hahira, Georgia has been using the Omnisports GreenLay™ system for years. In this video, he discusses how GreenLay™ responds to installation in the humid climates of the Southeast.

North Carolina

Scott Chitwood uses a variety of bleachers and heavy equipment on the Omnisports GreenLay™ floor at Carolina Courts in Indian Trail, North Carolina. In this video, he discusses how the GreenLay™ system withstands different types of rolling loads on a daily basis.

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