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MaxFlor+ and MaxMat+ are versatile and durable flooring systems designed for high-traffic and demanding indoor spaces such as ice hockey arenas. These products offer exceptional anti-slip properties, durability and elasticity that make them resistant to abrasion from ice skate blades. This article discusses the benefits of using these rubber floors for hockey arena perimeters, including hallways, lobbies and locker rooms. It will also provide helpful tips on how to properly maintain this type of flooring.

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What is MaxMat+ and MaxFlor+?

MaxMat+ and MaxFlor+ are rubber flooring products that are particularly suited to demanding sports environments.

MaxMat+ offers the ultimate combination of performance and beauty. Its unmatched durability makes it both slip-resistant and easy to maintain. With its incredible wear resistance, MaxMat+ will even stand up to heavy everyday equipment without cracking or tearing, giving you a beautiful design that lasts for years! Plus, with several colour options, including the Classic Series (100% black) and the Elite Series (a choice of four speckled colours), there’s something for everyone when customizing your space.

MaxFlor+ offers all the same advantages as MaxMat+, however its extreme density makes it not only an ideal flooring solution for high-traffic, high-intensity indoor spaces like arenas, but also provides additional advantages of easy maintenance. Its non-slip rubber surface provides superior protection against wear and tear from skate blades and other equipment to ensure the safety of hockey rink perimeters as well as hallways, lobbies, or locker rooms.

Hockey player with skates on a rubber flooring system

Plus, with MaxFlor+, you can create a unique and stylish design that is sure to draw attention. The colours offered allow for endless combinations to make your space shine with captivating visuals, and thanks to the absence of recycled rubber odor, it will smell as good as it looks!

With these special features, let’s see why MaxMat+ and MaxFlor+ are the perfect flooring solutions for hockey arenas.

MaxFlor+ skate blade resistant surface around the access door to the rink

Benefits of MaxMat+ and MaxFlor+ for hockey arena flooring

These are the main benefits of rubber flooring for hockey arenas:

  • Durability. MaxMat+ and MaxFlor+ are particularly effective for hockey arenas because of their high abrasion resistance. It is incredibly difficult to cut, mark or scratch, making it a valuable and durable material for areas with heavy foot traffic over long periods of time;
  • Versatility. Rubber is an extremely versatile product and can be used in many areas of an hockey arena: hallways, rink perimeters, players’ and referees’ rooms, players’ benches, in the lobby, and common areas of the arena;
  • Resistance. These rubber surfaces can withstand the heavy impacts of hockey sticks and skates. Their durability makes them the ideal choice for any arena!
Hockey player tying his ice skate laces on a rubber floor
  • Anti-skid. By installing a rubber floor, hockey arenas can reduce the risk of accidents due to its non-slip properties, especially in wet and slippery conditions;
  • Reduced noise transmission. The remarkable elasticity of rubber acts as a sound absorber when skates and hockey sticks are hit, absorbing reverberated noise;
  • Ease of maintenance. Cleaning and maintaining your rubber floor is easy and simple! For regular maintenance, simply scrub with a mild, PH-neutral soap, then use a damp mop or microfiber cloth to remove all soap residue. And, if you have a very large surface to maintain, a self-cleaning machine can do the job in no time.
Rubber floor under the players' bench in an ice hockey arena

Advantage Sport: specialist in MaxMat+ and MaxFlor+ flooring for hockey arenas

At Advantage Sport, we understand the need for durable flooring systems that can withstand the extreme wear and tear of hockey arenas. That’s why we provide our customers with rubber flooring systems like MaxMat+ and MaxFlor+.

We have considerable experience and expertise in this type of installation. Check out our portfolio of rubber flooring installations in hockey arenas.


In conclusion, MaxMat+ and MaxFlor+ rubber floors are the perfect solution for hockey arenas because of their high abrasion resistance, versatility, anti-slip properties, sound absorption capabilities and ease of maintenance.

With Advantage Sport as your arena flooring partner, you can be sure that your sports facility will be equipped with a durable, stylish surface that is built to last. We offer an extensive portfolio of successful hockey arena installations – so why not join us today? Let’s start creating the best possible environment for players and spectators!

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