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Community centres are an essential part of many neighbourhoods. They provide a place for people to gather for social and recreational activities. If you’re looking to upgrade your community centre, multi-purpose flooring is a great option. The chosen flooring must be durable, easy to maintain, and be used for a variety of activities. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of choosing multi-purpose flooring for your community centre.

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Multi-purpose flooring: the ideal solution for community centres

Recreation centres need a versatile type of flooring to be able to offer a range of activities to their local community. Therefore, they need multi-functional solutions that can adapt to the ever-changing demands placed on them.
Below, we will explore the leading types of multi-purpose flooring systems and their benefits for supporting all kinds of activities in community centres.

Flooring types for community and recreation centres

When choosing your flooring material, you need to consider that multi-purpose spaces require a surface that is shock-absorbing, durable and long-lasting to ensure that it can be used for multiple purposes. Whether it’s for sports activities, a gathering of community members, an educational event, or recreational games, you need a reliable floor that is suitable for all types of events.

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is an exceptional choice for community centres, offering a resilient surface that can easily be tailored to the desired aesthetic. Its specially engineered impact-absorbing properties make it ideal for high-traffic areas, while its durability and simple cleaning regimen will facilitate maintenance throughout its life cycle.

With options ranging from hardwood-simulating finishes to vibrant colours, synthetic flooring allows you to create the look or feel that best suits your multi-functional space!

Top view of a recreation centre with vinyl flooring

Hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is an ideal choice for sports and multi-purpose environments, as it offers sophisticated stability and resilience. Perfectly suited for community and recreational centres, these specialty surfaces provide the perfect surface.

Example of a hardwood floor in a Community and Recreation Centre

Advantage Sport, flooring specialist for community and recreational centres

Advantage Sport understands that the right flooring can make all the difference for your facility. With a variety of options from synthetic to hardwood, we have what you need to find the perfect solution for your community centre’s unique needs. Check out our recommended products and explore why they are ideal solutions for you!

Vinyl solutions for community centres

Advantage Sport offers multiple multi-functional vinyl flooring solutions.

  • Omnisports Speed. An excellent choice for versatile spaces that demand flexibility. It offers the perfect harmony of softness and strength, while remaining sleek and slim to easily accommodate tables or chairs. Plus, with its enhanced wear protection treatment, your floor will look like new for much longer than you think.
  • Omnisports MultiFlex. An incredibly versatile synthetic flooring solution that can accommodate any type of multi-sport court, from basketball and volleyball to badminton, and pickleball. It also has the versatility to turn into a spacious auditorium or gathering space in no time! The surface’s wear layer ensures uncompromising durability, while its smooth texture makes it so easy to care for – you’ll be able to return to the court every game day.
  • Omnisports Active+. It is an optimal flooring solution for multi-sport environments in community centres. Its Class 3 shock absorption provides unmatched safety and comfort, while its resilient wear layer ensures a longer life with minimal maintenance. The added bonus? The large dimension rolls reduce the quantity of seams during installation, so you’ll have a uniform surface that meets all your requirements!
  • Omnisports PurePlay. This is a revolutionary flooring offering designed to meet all your needs. Perfect for active spaces such as dance halls, running tracks and gyms, this synthetic surface is soft yet resilient underfoot without sacrificing durability or comfort! It’s an impressive solution for multi-sport facilities and multi-purpose spaces thanks to its shock-absorbing foam underlayment that quickly returns to its original shape. Its large dimensions allow for covering a sizable area in no time. It also offers easy maintenance thanks to its smooth texture and surface treatment, which makes cleaning effortless.

Hardwood solutions for community centres

Advantage Sport’s multi-functional hardwood floors are available in two options, floating or fixed resilient (anchored), to fit your specific needs.

  • Hardwood Action. Action flooring systems take the resilience, durability and flexibility of maple hardwood to a whole new level. These revolutionary surfaces are designed specifically for recreational environments such as gyms, community centres, squash courts and more – offering shock absorption and superior grip.
  • Actiflex. Actiflex engineered wood flooring combines premium natural products with the latest technology, ensuring an easy installation process for areas up to 6,000 square feet. Plus, you can take it with you if your space ever changes location. In addition to simplified installation, the sound absorption is perfect for recreational activities thanks to its resilient foam underlayment.
  • Boflex. Boflex engineered wood flooring is the ideal choice for multi-functional environments, with superior stability and an even surface. Perfect for recreation centres, gyms, complexes and more.


No matter what type of recreational space you’re looking to create, there’s an ideal flooring solution for your needs. From shock-absorbing Omnisports vinyl product range to resilient Action hardwood floors, or Actiflex and Boflex engineered hardwood floors, each product offers a unique set of benefits. All these solutions are designed with durability, comfort and safety in mind. So you can have peace of mind knowing you’ve made the right choice.

Does your community centre need new flooring?

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