Dance studio with its new Dancefloor surface

Case Study – Metropolitan Ballet Academy



The Metropolitan Ballet Academy (Montreal, Quebec) is a school that specializes in the training of classical dance for dance enthusiasts between the ages of three and seventy. Gaining in popularity but limited in space, the school had to move to a more spacious location last year.

The dance surface that they were using in their previous studio presented a few technical difficulties that were causing problems that could potentially lead to injuries. First of all, the structure of the surface was unsatisfactory in terms of shock absorption and therefore failed to protect the dancer’s joints. Secondly, the texture offered little possibility to glide, significantly limiting certain movements that are essential to dance. Finally, they had to seal the joints with the use of tape, making maintenance of the floor difficult and increasing the dancer’s risk of falling.

To address the multiple problems that the dance floor was causing, the Artistic Director began to search for a quality floor covering material and one that is also better suited to the needs of their dance studio.


The Artistic Director then contacted our experts at Advantage Sport. We had the pleasure of meeting them at their dance studio to better understand the problematic issues. After a series of questions and an in-depth analysis of the school’s needs, we made the appropriate recommendation … the Dancefloor surface. Even better, our sales representative, accompanied by an executive member of the manufacturer of the flooring suggested supplying the Academy with a sample that was big enough to perform a series of tests with their dancers. These tests were satisfactory and convinced both students and teachers that Dancefloor was indeed best suited to meet their needs since it provided a solution to all of their issues.


With Dancefloor flooring by Tarkett Sports, they are now the proud owners of a floor covering that is completely aligned with their requirements and those of the dancers. They benefit from flooring that is specifically designed to meet their needs. Firstly, Dancefloor considerably reduces the strain of impact on their joints and lower extremities. Thus, offering flexibility and comfort while still providing stability. Additionally, the surface finish provides the perfect friction factor, allowing the sought-after gliding movements while still providing the proper amount of grip. Finally, no need for tape with Dancefloor! The seams are heat welded to conceal the connections, offering a floor that is both aesthetically pleasing and without any tripping hazards. As a bonus, the installation by Advantage Sport was efficient and the timeline was met.

“We were looking for a different and original option for the dance flooring in our new ballet studio. Trying an unknown product represented a risk, but what a nice surprise it was to come across Dancefloor. The availability of the people at Advantage Sport and the tests performed on their dance floor was enough to convince us. Not to mention the quality of their installers! Our only regret is to not have discovered this product earlier!”
Alexis Simoneau, Artistic Director
Académie du Ballet Métropolitain

Interesting anecdote

What bad luck, once the installation and overall renovation work was completed, the school suffered from water infiltration through one of their skylights. The management of the Academy was very worried about the state of their brand new floor but soon realized that there was actually no damage to the floor. The Dancefloor surfacing material is not only designed for dance, but its heat-welded joints make it water-resistant, so safe from this kind of apparent disaster. The team on-site at the Academy had only to wipe the water off the floor and they were up and running! The floor is just as spotless today as it was when we first installed it!


Woman practicing her dance moves on Dancefloor
New Dancefloor in classic dancing studio
Ballet shoes on dance floor

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