High-Quality Arena Rubber Flooring Solutions


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Ice skating, ice hockey, figure skating, speed skating, ringette, and open ice rink activities all have something important in common where arena ice rink flooring is concerned. These activities all generate heavy traffic and that traffic is generally wearing blades!

Arena facilities normally house at least one if not several skating rinks, they should therefore be equipped with rubber flooring systems that can endure the wear and tear of daily use and deal with the high traffic demands of users wearing ice skates. In addition, the floor covering will need to handle many types of conditions such as cold, water, humidity, dirt, and spills, yet still provide easy maintenance.

Best Flooring Solutions for Arenas

Arena flooring is typically made of rubber as this material possesses all the necessary requirements, making them an ideal selection for these environments. An evaluation of your arena will allow us to recommend the most suitable arena flooring solution in our line of durable, resistant, robust, anti-slip, and waterproof rubber floor coverings.

Our Range of Skate Resistant Rubber Flooring for Ice Arenas

MaxFlor+Skate blade resistant rubber flooring

MaxFlor+ is a coloured rubber top-layer flooring with a recycled rubber base to endure heavy traffic in arenas.

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MaxMat+MaxMat rubber flooring in an arena

MaxMat+ flooring consists of dense recycled rubber tiles which resist the use of ice skates, making it ideal for arenas.

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X-MatArena X-Mat rubber flooring

X-Mat is a recycled rubber flooring that is capable of withstanding wear due to heavy traffic and ice skates in arenas.

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