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Women doing aerobic exercises on high-performance aerobics flooring from Advantage Sport.

Aerobics is a popular exercising option for staying fit and keeping in shape. This workout can also be a lot of fun as aerobic routines include exercises ranging from moves inspired from dance, stretching, side-to-side motions to jumping and leaping.

Because aerobic dancing demands a great deal of physical exertion, consideration of the proper flooring is an essential factor to prevent injury and maximize performance. It is important to ensure that your aerobic studio’s flooring is able to provide sufficient cushioning to protect your body on impact.

Advantage Sport offers a wide range of high-performance sports flooring options that are designed to handle both low-impact and high-impact aerobic exercises for many years to come.

Best Flooring Solutions for Aerobics

  • Vinyl provides optimal resilience and ease of maintenance
  • A combination system of mixed materials provides high-performance benefits
  • Engineered hardwood offers dimensional stability
  • Hardwood gives you the classic look and feel while providing great durability

Benefits of Aerobic Flooring from Advantage Sport

  • Superior Shock Absorption: We offer aerobic sports flooring options that are specifically engineered to handle high-impact movements and prevent injury while exercising.
  • Quick Installations: We provide quick and easy installations to save energy and reduce downtime for your facility.
  • Environmentally Conscious: We are proud to offer eco-friendly products and installation methods such as Omnisports’ GreenLay™, which uses significantly less adhesive compared to traditional installations.
  • Easy Maintenance: Smooth floor textures mean easy cleaning for sports facilities.

Not sure which kind of aerobic floor is best for your facility? Contact our sports flooring experts today for guidance on selecting the best aerobic flooring for your project.

Our Aerobics Flooring Products

Omnisports Active+Omnisports Active+synthetic flooring for aerobics

Omnisports Active+ is a versatile, vinyl floor covering material that offers superior shock absorption for unmatched safety and comfort during aerobic exercise.

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Omnisports PurePlayOmnisports PurePlay synthetic flooring for aerobics

Omnisports PurePlay is a functional, vinyl sprung floor with optimal resiliency to absorb repeated impact from aerobic moves. It’s flexible, comfortable, and durable making it the ideal synthetic surface.

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Omnisports ExtremeOmnisports Extreme synthetic sports flooring in aerobics studio

Omnisports Extreme is a high-impact vinyl flooring material that offers optimal cushioning for physical activities in aerobic studios.

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KinesportKinesport hardwood and synthetic flooring for aerobics

Kinesport combines both wood and vinyl to create a high-performance aerobic flooring that provides superior elasticity and resiliency.

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ActiflexActiflex wood flooring for aerobics

Actiflex is comprised of engineered hardwood that is easy to install and possesses a foam cushioning system that’s ideal for physical activities like aerobics.

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BoflexActiflex wood flooring for aerobics

Boflex is a durable engineered hardwood flooring with progressive cushioning for aerobic activities.

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Action (MFMA)Action hardwood flooring for aerobics

Action (MFMA) is a premium hardwood sports flooring system that provides energy return properties for aerobic movement.

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