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Aerobics are still one of the most popular exercising options for staying fit and keeping in shape by boosting your heart-rate. This workout can also be a lot of fun as it is generally incorporates many dance moves in a range of speeds. Aerobic routines integrate movement activities such as warming-up, stretching, side-to-side motions, increasing heart-rate, jumping, and leaping.

Because aerobic dancing demands a great deal of physical activity, consideration of the proper flooring is an essential factor to avoid injury. It is important to ensure that the flooring is adequate at providing sufficient cushioning to protect your body joints from impact. The many high-performance flooring options available for aerobic exercises offer shock absorption and smooth surfaces to provide comfort in addition to bringing other benefits such as ease of maintenance.

Omnisports 7.1Omnisports 6.5 synthetic flooring for aerobics

Versatile – Vinyl floor covering material that offers cushioning for physical activities such as aerobics.

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Omnisports 9.4Omnisports 8.3 synthetic flooring for aerobics

Functional – Vinyl sprung floor with optimal resiliency to absorb repeated impact from aerobic moves.

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KinesportKinesport hardwood and synthetic flooring for aerobics

High performance – Combination of wood system and vinyl sprung flooring make it ideal for aerobics.

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ActiflexActiflex wood flooring for aerobics

Easy to install – Engineered hardwood with cushioning system for physical activities like aerobics.

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BoflexActiflex wood flooring for aerobics

Durable – Strong engineered hardwood flooring with progressive cushioning for aerobic activities.

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Action (MFMA)Action hardwood flooring for aerobics

Classic – Hardwood sports flooring system provides energy return properties for aerobic movement.

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