Music Studio Acoustic Flooring


Woman playing on a keyboard in a space equipped with music room flooring

Sound is of the utmost importance when it comes to music studios. That’s why it’s important to invest in quality music studio flooring that will provide everything you’ll need for a flawless sound.

Specialized Flooring for Music Studios

Advantage Sport offers a premium selection of synthetic flooring that is designed with sound absorption and acoustics in mind. In addition to advantageous sound insulation, our premium flooring with high-density closed cell acoustic foam backing offers underfoot comfort.

If you’re looking to provide your music studio with the best flooring on the market, contact the experts at Advantage Sport today.

Our Range of Acoustic Flooring for Music Studios

Omnisports SpeedOmnisports Speed synthetic flooring for music room

Omnisports Speed is a sound absorbing vinyl with foam backing that has impact-deadening properties.

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Omnisports Active+Omnisports Active+ synthetic flooring for music room

Omnisports Active+ is a vinyl flooring that is naturally insulating as its foam layer reduces echo and reverberation from music.

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LinoSport-EcoPureEcoPure flooring resistant flooring for classrooms

LinoSport-EcoPure is a linoleum flooring with a dense foam sub-layer which offers musical sound insulation.

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