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Dance: a captivating and expressive art form, demands more than just skillful choreography and dedicated practice. It requires a dance studio equipped with the right dance studio flooring to ensure safety, comfort, and optimal performance.

The right dance studio flooring solution varies depending on what type of dances will be practiced in your studio. Whether your studio facilitates ballroom, jazz, tap dancing, or hip-hop; Advantage Sport has the expertise, knowledge, resources, and commitment to solve any requirement.

At Advantage Sport, we take pride in providing top-quality flooring solutions that cater to diverse dance companies and their needs.

Our Dance Studio Flooring Solutions

Dancefloordance floor for dancing

Dancefloor is a flexible vinyl covering material with cushioning ability specially designed for dancing.

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ActiflexActiflex wood dance studio floor surfacing

Actiflex is an Engineered hardwood floor with a cushioning foam beneath making it a great solution for dance studios.

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BoflexBoflex wood dance studio floor surfacing

Boflex is an engineered hardwood system with progressive shock absorption, perfect for dancers. 

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ClutchCourt (MFMA)Action hardwood dance studio floor surfacing

ClutchCourt (MFMA) is a solid maple hardwood flooring designed with a shock absorbing structure for dance.

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LinoSport-EcoPureLinoSport-EcoPure linoleum dance studio floor in college

LinoSport-EcoPure is a durable all-natural linoleum dance floor with a foam backing to reduce impact force.

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What types of dance floors are offered by Advantage Sport?

Advantage Sport offers an extensive range of dance flooring options designed to meet the unique demands of your performance space. Our permanent installations offer a controlled surface where dancers can practice their craft. Whether you’re into ballet, jazz, or contemporary dance, we have the perfect dance floor for you at the lowest price possible. Our popular options include:

Quality Wood Dance Floors: 

Known for their classic elegance, many dancers favor wood dance floors. They offer the right balance of support and give, making them ideal for ballet studios, and contemporary dance.

Vinyl Dance Flooring: 

Versatile and durable, vinyl dance flooring is suitable for various dance styles. It’s easy to clean and maintain, making it a popular choice for busy dance studios.

Dance Floors Systems: 

Our dance floors are the perfect choice to rehearse intricate routines. Their amazing quality offers comfort and support, allowing dancers to perform at their best.

Recommendations for Selecting the Best Dance Flooring for Your Needs

Selecting the right type of dance flooring is crucial to ensure your dancers are safe. Here are some recommendations to help you choose the safest option:

  • Impact Absorption: Pay attention to shock absorption capabilities. High-impact dance styles like hip-hop require flooring with excellent shock-absorbing properties to protect dancers’ joints.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Consider the maintenance requirements. Vinyl flooring is easy to clean, while wood floors may need regular refinishing and special care.
  • Budget: Evaluate the cost and long-term value of the flooring. Investing in high-quality dance flooring can enhance the safety and performance of your studio, which can, in turn, attract more dancers and students.

Advantages of Investing in High-Quality Dance Flooring



Investing in top-quality non-slip dance flooring is an investment in the safety and success of your dance studio. Here’s why it matters:

Injury Prevention

Our popular dance floorings reduce the risk of injuries by providing shock absorption and slip resistance.

Enhanced Performance

Dancers can perform their best when they have the right support underfoot. High-quality flooring allows for smoother movements and better technique.


Well-maintained studio dance flooring can last for years, providing a durable surface for countless performances and rehearsals.


High-quality flooring reflects the professionalism and commitment of your dance studio, attracting serious dancers and instructors.

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We offer different types of flooring solutions tailored to your specific athletic needs.

Invest in the safety, comfort, and performance of your dancers or athletes with Advantage Sport’s exceptional dance flooring options.


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