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As experts in flooring solutions, we understand that your daycare flooring needs to fit active and on-the-go lifestyles while being easy to clean. To provide the best possible atmosphere, daycares need exceptional flooring, since the choice of surfacing must take the children’s development and growth into consideration. This is done by providing safe, comfortable, and health-conscious surroundings.

Our Daycare Flooring Solutions

At Advantage Sport, we prioritize safety and durability in our daycare flooring solutions. Our range of options is designed to create vibrant, inviting spaces for children while ensuring easy maintenance and long-lasting performance in a healthy environment.

Explore our innovative flooring solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of daycare environments, providing comfort, safety, and peace of mind for both children and caregivers. With their shock absorption properties, we offer the ideal flooring solution to enhance any daycare facility.

Our Daycare Flooring Solutions

Omnisports SpeedOmnisports Speed easy maintenance flooring for daycare

Omnisports Speed is a multi-purpose vinyl floor with health certifications, ideal for children in daycares.

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Omnisports Active+Omnisports Active+ easy maintenance flooring for daycares

Omnisports Active+ is a shock absorbing vinyl floor that is certified Asthma & Allergy Friendly™ for healthier indoor air in daycares.

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LinoSport-EcoPureEcoPure flooring resistant flooring for classrooms

LinoSport-EcoPure is a linoleum flooring solution made of eco-friendly materials that is ideal for daycare environments.

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Flooring Materials for Daycare Floors

The synthetic flooring material must be selected with the utmost care and consideration to ensure the well-being of children. Safety, comfort, and hygienic properties are all important factors in choosing the right flooring for daycare centres. The most common type of daycare flooring surface is vinyl.

Our daycare flooring options are versatile, resilient, shock-absorbing, hygienic, and offered in a wide variety of colours for eye-pleasing results. These products are also designed for easy maintenance since the surfaces must be easy to clean, especially after arts and crafts activities and snack time! Shock absorbing properties are also particularly valuable when providing flooring for little kids as the surface will absorb impact force to help protect their growing bodies from injury.


Vinyl is a great option for daycare flooring. It is extremely durable and resists scratches, scuffs, and impact force, making it ideal for the wear and tear of children’s activities. Vinyl floors are also easy to clean and maintain, while offering the perfect amount of cushioning and softness.


Linoleum flooring is a natural product that is made from renewable and sustainable materials. It is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and antistatic, making it also ideal in childcare facilities. Linoleum floors are also easy to clean and maintain.

Safety should always be a top priority when deciding on the best flooring for a daycare facility. With the right type of flooring, you can rest assured that your children and staff will be safe, comfortable, and able to enjoy their time in the daycare environment.

How to Choose the Right Daycare Flooring?

Choosing the appropriate daycare flooring material requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure the safety, durability, and suitability of the flooring for the environment. Here are key aspects to evaluate:

Type of Daycare

The type of daycare you operate influences the flooring requirements. Consider whether your daycare primarily serves infants, toddlers, or preschool-aged children, as each age group has different needs and activities.

For instance, infants may spend more time on the floor for tummy time and crawling, necessitating a soft, cushioned surface like vinyl. Toddlers and preschoolers engage in more active play, requiring flooring with excellent shock absorption to prevent injuries from falls.

Size of the Floor Surface

Assess the size of the floor surface in your daycare facility to determine the most practical and cost-effective flooring solution. Larger spaces may benefit from resilient flooring options like our Omnisports products.

Smaller areas or rooms that must withstand items like cleaning equipment, excess furniture, and hygiene supplies may be better suited for linoleum.

Understanding the specific needs and characteristics of your daycare centre, including the age group of children served and the layout of the facility, will guide you in selecting the correct flooring that promotes safety, comfort, and functionality.

Request a quote with Advantage Sport to explore options tailored to your requirements.

At Advantage Sport, you’ll find the best daycare flooring solutions

Discover a wide variety of quality daycare flooring solutions tailored to meet your facility’s needs at Advantage Sport. Our extensive range of products combines safety, durability, and versatility to create inviting and functional spaces for children to play and learn.

From shock-absorbent vinyl flooring to customizable options, we offer premium solutions designed to enhance the safety and comfort of daycare environments. Explore our selection today and elevate your daycare facility with Advantage Sport’s superior flooring solutions.


What are the most durable and easy-to-clean flooring options for daycares in Canada?

Vinyl and Linoleum flooring stand out as the most durable and easy-to-clean options for daycares. Vinyl is highly resistant to scratches, scuffs, and stains, making it ideal for high-traffic areas. Linoleum flooring, on the other hand, is not only durable but also provides excellent traction. Both materials are water-resistant and can be cleaned with minimal effort, ensuring a hygienic environment for children.

How does the choice of flooring impact safety and comfort in daycare centres?

The choice of flooring in daycare centres significantly affects both safety and comfort. Soft, cushioned materials can prevent injuries from falls, making the environment safer for active children. Moreover, flooring that is easy to maintain and clean promotes a hygienic space, reducing the risk of allergies. Comfort is also enhanced by choosing flooring that is warm and not too hard, contributing to a cozy atmosphere where children can play and rest.

What are the latest trends in daycare flooring in Canada, especially in terms of aesthetics and functionality?

The latest trends in daycare flooring in Canada focus on combining aesthetics with functionality. Brightly coloured, patterned floors that stimulate children’s imagination and creativity are becoming increasingly popular.

Eco-friendly materials, such as vinyl, are also on the rise, catering to the growing demand for sustainable and non-toxic flooring options. Moreover, flooring offered in rolls are trending, offering flexibility in design and easy replacement of worn-out sections, ensuring that daycares can maintain a fresh and inviting look over time.

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