Synthetic Sports Flooring

Synthetic sports flooring is a great surfacing option that is specially engineered to provide superior shock absorbing properties, increased resistance, and easy maintenance. The main advantages of synthetic sports surfaces are simple installation, effortless maintenance, and capability to hold up against high moisture conditions. This surface answers the needs for many multi-purpose flooring projects as it can be made to look and feel like natural materials such as hardwood and is efficient in withstanding high traffic areas. Synthetic floors are also available in a wide range of colours and texture designs, ensuring they can adapt to any design requirement.

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Our Synthetic Sports Flooring Products

Omnisports SpeedOmnisports Speed flooring in a classroom

Omnisports Speed is an effective synthetic surface in environments with light recreational activities, providing extreme easy care.

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Omnisports MultiFlexMultiFlex 2 installed in a community centre gymnasium

Omnisports MultiFlex is a multifunctional synthetic flooring designed to accommodate sports in gymnasiums and a variety of other applications.

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Omnisports Active+Active+ sports flooring school gymnasium surface

Omnisports Active+ is an effective universal sports surface with numerous advantages to accommodate a wide range of applications.

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Omnisports PurePlayOmnisports PurePlay sports flooring in a gymnasium

Omnisports PurePlay is a versatile athletic flooring with exceptional flexibility to provide outstanding performance and shock absorption for a wide range of sports activities.

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Omnisports ExtremeOmnisports Extreme syhtetic sports flooring in aerobics studio

Omnisports Extreme is a specialized vinyl flooring material that offers optimal cushioning for high impact physical activities such as such as competitive volleyball and aerobic exercises.

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DancefloorDance floor designed for dancing

Dancefloor is specially designed for dancing. The surface offers comfort, stability and shock absorbing properties.

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Kinesport is a high-performance engineered sports floor composed of two types of materials to provide superior elasticity and the exceptional capacity to absorb energy and vibrations.

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PolyTurf PlusPoured polyurethane

PolyTurf Plus is a poured polyurethane (Pad & Pour) sports flooring that offers a seamless surface and superior load tolerances.

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Uni-Turf is manufactured under tightly controlled conditions to produce a textured surface with just the right degree of support and resilience.

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LinoSport-EcoPureGymnasium with LinoSport-EcoPure sports flooring

LinoSport-EcoPure is a linoleum flooring that incorporates eco-friendly natural products and a remarkable shock absorbing foam backing.

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