Rubber Flooring for Your School & Classroom


Students learning in room with classroom flooring

Classrooms are busy environments that require high-resistant flooring solutions. Students are coming and going, moving chairs and tables, and sitting for long periods of time. Some specific types of multi-purpose flooring options are offered to answer these needs. Classroom flooring systems are resistant, durable, and able to withstand the many activities that will take place in the room while still offering comfort.

Best Flooring for Classrooms

It is best to consider classroom flooring options that offer reinforced surface treatments for easy cleaning, promoting hygiene, and reducing maintenance costs. This feature will also extend the life-cycle of the flooring and provide more value since keeping it in good condition will be almost effortless. Advantage Sport offers a large range of colour and pattern options, making it simple to design unique rooms and enhance the look of your educational facility.

Our Classroom Flooring Solutions

Omnisports SpeedOmnisports Speed flooring in a classroom environment

Omnisports Speed is a multifunctional vinyl flooring that can handle the use of classroom tables and chairs.

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Omnisports Active+Omnisports Active+ flooring in a classroom environment

Omnisports Active+ is a flexible vinyl floor covering material for school classrooms as it performs well in busy areas.

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LinoSport-EcoPureEcoPure flooring resistant flooring for classrooms

LinoSport-EcoPure is a linoleum floor system made of natural materials that resist continuous use in classrooms.

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