Professional Gym Floor Refinishing Services

Refinishing Services

MFMA Member logoAt Advantage Sport, we offer more than start to finish flooring installations; we also provide expert gym hardwood floor refinishing services to help extend the life of your floors. Our skilled and experienced floor finishing professionals can refresh your hardwood sports flooring and make it look like new. We are also an MFMA (Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association) accredited sports flooring provider and installer which means we have the knowledge and experience to offer value through our high-quality hardwood sports flooring services.

Our Hardwood Flooring Refinishing Services

Advantage Sport technician on deep sanding machine

Complete Gym Floor Resurfacing

If your hardwood gymnasium flooring is starting to look worn out, it likely needs complete resurfacing to improve performance and extend its life. Gym floor complete resurfacing is accomplished by first deep sanding to remove all layers of finish and game lines down to raw wood. The frequency of this intervention is dependent on many factors but typically is performed every eight to ten years.

Gym Floor Recoating

If you’re looking to preserve the look and extend the life of your hardwood gymnasium flooring, it’s important to refinish and recoat your floors periodically. At Advantage Sport, we use a technique called screen and recoat which involves scuffing up the finish and applying a refresher coat of finish. Facility use and maintenance will determine the appropriate level of finishing although most gymnasium floors should be recoated annually.

Installer sealing the hardwood floor

Buffing the hardwood floor stain

Gym Floor Repairing & Restoring

Before beginning any resurfacing or refinishing projects we evaluate if your hardwood flooring requires any repairs, replacements of split boards, or contains seriously damaged areas of the surface or subfloor.

Wood Floor Staining

Floor staining is a great method to make certain areas of your gymnasium stand out. You can opt to have different stain colours applied throughout the floor, creating a unique design. These effects typically take place in the perimeter of the room or court, central court circle, basketball keys, and game point lines.

Staining the hardwood floor

Painting sports game lines on hardwood flooring

Logos, Lettering, and Game Lines

Refinishing a gymnasium hardwood flooring provides a great opportunity to update your floor’s logos or create a new layout with crisp and accurate game lines. Make a bold statement with the logo of your sports team or establishment with the help of specialized court paint to give your gymnasium a new and unique look.


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