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Consistency in performance and play is a major factor when it comes to tennis. That’s why our tennis court flooring system offers the right degree of support and resilience needed for high-level play. Our surfaces are designed to respond to the specific requirements of tennis, providing a consistent ball bounce and grip that allows players to perform their best.


Best Sports Flooring for Tennis Courts

Tennis clubs and facilities require flooring that is low maintenance while providing the best support and shock absorption on the market. Tennis players will benefit from added comfort, good balance, and natural ball reaction. Advantage Sport’s superior tennis flooring solution is offered in several colours to match your facility’s aesthetic.

PVC flooring system for tennis courts

When you’re ready to hit the court, our specialized PVC tennis flooring is just what you need. The perfect blend of grip and resilience ensures that your game will be strong and match-ready every time. Our unique cushioning for a superior court experience like no other! Invest in our PVC Floor system today so that each match can be at its best.

Bring a tailored look to your tennis court while providing optimal shock absorption and slip resistance with an Advantage Sport flooring solution! Our synthetic flooring offers guaranteed longevity. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or modern in style, our team has the ideal solution that will provide years of reliable performance, all while helping to lessen the chances of injury when playing.

Work with Advantage Sport today to kickstart your journey toward having the perfect tennis court flooring. Our team of skilled professionals has been in this industry for decades and know exactly what it takes to create a safe, high-performance sports environment that will last years and is an enjoyable place for athletes.

Our Tennis Court Flooring Product

Uni-TurfSpecialized Uni-Turf surface for tennis courts

Uni-Turf is a resistant PVC sports flooring system with just the right degree of grip and resilience for tennis.

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