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We do much more than start to finish flooring installations; we possess extensive experience in adding game lines and logos to our sports flooring installations with Gymline game line paint, from simple and straightforward to intricate and involved designs.

We also offer a water jet cutting service for some rubber surfaces. This is a procedure that we regularly use in order to cut surfacing products and fit them together to create certain logos in some applications. This technique allows for very precise cuts so the pieces can be interlocked for a seamless appearance and a professional result.

If you have vinyl or linoleum floors, refreshing your game lines presents no problem, providing you once again with top-quality play through accurate, crisp, smooth game lines. We pride ourselves on choosing the best quality paints, finishes, and sealers as they play a big role in the life cycle of your sports flooring.


• Full installation
• Replacing
• Repairing
• Restoring
• Relining (game lines)
• Logo application
• Side/Back perimeter lettering
• Deep sanding*
• Refinishing*
• Resurfacing*
• Water jet cutting**

* Applies to hardwood only
** Only for specific surfacing products


(Part A)

Paint can of Gymline 1000 Part A


(Part B)

Paint can of Gymline 1000 Part B

Basketball and game lines on Omnisports sports floor
Painted logo on the gymnasium hardwood floor at Laval Universitity in Quebec city
College Durocher logo on Omnisports gymnasium sports floor
Painted logo on a hardwood sports flooring gymnasium in a school
Eagle logo in the centre circle of a school gymnasium
St. Francis Xavier Rams logo on their Omnisports gymnasium sports floor
School logo on hardwood gymnasium floor with use of paint and stain
Paint and stain used for logo on hardwood gymnasium sports floor in a school


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