Fitness Centre & Gym Rubber Flooring

Creating the ideal fitness centre involves careful consideration of various elements, and one crucial aspect is the floor. The right gym floor not only enhances aesthetic appeal but also plays a pivotal role in the safety and performance of workouts.

Advantage Sport stands out as a reliable source for premium fitness centre non-slip surfaces, offering a diverse range of options to meet the specific needs of gym owners and fitness enthusiasts. This includes various types of flooring of choice, like gym flooring tiles, rubber rolls and artificial turf that can help with sound absorption, and more.

Our Selection of Fitness Center Flooring Systems



DekoDeko rubber gym flooring for fitness environments

Deko is a practical fitness flooring solution that features interlocking rubber modular tiles that provide the resiliency needed in fitness studios.

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ActiflexActiflex wood gym flooring for fitness environments

Actiflex is an engineered hardwood sports floor with shock absorbing properties for cardio and flexibility workouts.

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MaxFlor+Rubber flooring MaxFlor+ in fitness centre

Maxflor+ is a rubber flooring solution designed to withstand heavy loads from weightlifting areas in fitness gyms.

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BoflexBoflex wood gym flooring for fitness environments

Boflex is an engineered hardwood solution that offers optimal shock absorption for cardio training studios.

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MaxMat+MaxMat rubber gym flooring for fitness environments

MaxMat+ features recycled rubber rolls, regular tiles and interlocking tiles for heavy-duty performance in any gym’s weight training zones.

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ClutchCourt (MFMA)Action hardwood gym flooring for fitness environments

ClutchCourt (MFMA) is a maple hardwood gym flooring that is strong, resistant, and offers flexing characteristics for fitness exercises.

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ShockTileShockTile rubber gym flooring for fitness environments

ShockTile features modular rubber tiles made to support strength-training exercises and heavy weights.

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Omnisports Active+Omnisports Active+ synthetic gym flooring for fitness environments

Omnisports Active+ is a vinyl floor covering material that provides cushioning properties for gym cardio training.

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SilenTileSilenTile rubber tiles for extreme applications

SilenTile is the ultimate rubber flooring solution for fitness centres as it reduces transmitted impact noise in weightlifting zones.

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Omnisports PurePlayOmnisports PurePlay synthetic gym flooring for fitness environments

Omnisports PurePlay is a synthetic vinyl material, providing high impact absorption in sports and athletic settings like fitness gyms.

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X-MatX-Mat rubber gym flooring for fitness environments

X-Mat features thick recycled rubber tiles for extreme and high-intensity impact of weights in CrossFit gyms.

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TurfLink (Fitness TL60)TurfLink synthetic turf gym surface for fitness environments

TurfLink (Fitness TL60) is a no infill synthetic turf designed for weighted sled use while providing proper surface finish in indoor fitness facilities.

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What’s the Best Surface for Commercial Gyms?

When outfitting commercial gyms, the choice of relevant sports flooring is paramount. Advantage Sport provides an impressive selection of commercial gym flooring options for the best price, including high-quality gym rubber surfaces and a variety of rubber flooring tiles made of recycled rubber. These surfaces are designed to withstand the rigorous demands of various application, such as:

  • high-traffic areas that can be easily damaged with extreme weight drop and heavy lifting;
  • intense workouts like weight training or floor exercises;

Advantage Sport’s gym floors are available in various sizes and colours, catering to different gym layouts and space requirements.

Whether you have a compact fitness studio or a large commercial gym, our offered types of surfacing options ensure a seamless and professional look for your space.

Gym rubber flooring thickness will also depend on your needs.

The Benefits of High-Quality Fitness Centre Floor

Investing in Advantage Sport’s premium gym rubber floors brings numerous benefits to fitness centre owners and users alike.

Key advantages include floor protection against heavy weights and equipment impact, textured cushioned surfaces for safety during intense workouts, and maximum shock absorption to create a comfortable and supportive environment, reducing the risk of injuries.

Advantage Sport’s durable materials resist water, wear and tear, ensuring longevity even in the face of heavy equipment and constant foot traffic. This resistance ensures a lasting return on investment for gym owners, sparing them the hassle and cost of frequent replacements.

Why Choose Professional Installation for Fitness Flooring?

While purchasing high-quality rubber gym flooring is essential, the installation process is equally critical. Advantage Sport recommends relying on professionals for the installation of fitness centre flooring. Skilled installers ensure correct installation procedures to every square foot of your fitness centres’ specified dimensions, providing a seamless finish and an increased durability.

Using the correct adhesive during the installation process enhances floor stability, preventing unwanted shifting or movement to ensure a correct flooring. Professional installation guarantees a polished and professional appearance for your entire floor, ensuring that the flooring functions optimally, meeting the specific needs of the gym environment.

Choose Advantage Sport for a reliable source of premium fitness centre flooring solutions at the best possible price. Consider investing in synthetic sports surfaces such as rubber gym rolls, tiles, gym turf flooring, yoga floorsand other shock absorbing flooring solutions to protect your floors against heavy dumbbell exercises, strength training, and more.


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