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Advantage Sport is a Canadian-owned and operated business that supplies and installs a wide range of sports flooring materials. We strive to provide exceptional surfacing solutions to businesses across Canada. This is possible due to our specialization in high-end floor covering products for any athletic or sports environment including multi-use spaces. It is our goal to always offer a standard point of reference for high-quality products that meet the highest standards of the industry.

Whether you are looking for synthetic resilient surfaces, hardwood flooring systems, rubber tiles, polyurethane poured floors, or even artificial turf products, we provide many categories of materials to answer the exact requirements of your project. Each covering material has its own particular benefits to suit every type of project. These aspects allow us to determine the best value for your specific project.

Feel free to contact our experts, we have the proper knowledge and expertise to help you determine which product is the most appropriate for your needs.


Wood sports flooring - Actiflex

Engineered wood flooring with a foam underlay to absorb shocks during physical activities.

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Wood sports flooring - Boflex

Athletic surface made of engineered wood with integrated foam beneath each board for remarkable shock absorption.

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ClutchCourt (MFMA)

Hardwood sports flooring - Action

High performance hardwood sports flooring which is recognised worldwide for its high quality and durability.

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Dance floor designed for dancing

Dancefloor is specially designed for dancing. The surface offers comfort, stability and shock absorbing properties.

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Rubber flooring - Deko

Rubber tiles that interlock to provide ease of installation in addition to offering a surface that is easy to care for.

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Gymnasium with LinoSport-EcoPure sports flooring

A flooring that incorporates eco-friendly natural products and a revolutionary shock absorbing foam backing.

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Squash wall surfacing - Fiberesin

Wall panel system for squash and racquetball courts, recognised to be the most resistant and durable game wall.

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Game Lines

Painting game lines for sports flooring

Extend the life of your sports surface with specialized paint that is made for game lines and logos.

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Combination of wood and synthetic flooring - Kinesport

Flooring well known for its high performance and offering superior elasticity to provide amazing capacity to absorb energy and vibration.

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Skate blade resistant rubber flooring

Tiles made of slip-resistant textured rubber to meet demanding requirements in terms of safety and durability.

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Rubber flooring - MaxMat

Recycled rubber surface designed for extreme strength, resistance to impact, and elasticity in extreme environments.

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Omnisports Speed

Synthetic flooring - Omnisports Speed

Effective synthetic surface in environments with light recreational activities, providing extreme easy care.

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Omnisports MultiFlex

MultiFlex 2 installed in a community centre gymnasium

Multifunctional flooring designed to accommodate sports in gymnasiums and a variety of other applications.

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Omnisports Active+

Omnisports Active+ synthetic flooring in a school gymnasium

Universal sports surface with numerous advantages to accommodate a wide range of applications.

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Omnisports PurePlay

Synthetic flooring - Omnisports PurePlay

Versatile athletic flooring with exceptional flexibility to provide outstanding performance for a wide range of sports activities.

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Omnisports Extreme

Omnisports Extreme syhtetic sports flooring in aerobics studio

A specialized vinyl flooring material that offers optimal cushioning for high impact physical activities.

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PolyTurf Plus

Poured flooring surface - Pad & Pour

Poured polyurethane surfacing to create a seamless surface, with a rubber base to resist heavy loads.

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Refinishing a hardwood sports flooring

At Advantage Sport, we provide expert gym hardwood floor refinishing services to help extend the life of your floors.

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SafePlay Classic

Hardwood flooring - SafePlay Classic

Hardwood flooring specifically designed to meet the requirements for squash and racquetball courts.

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SafePlay Glass

Tempered glass walls for squash courts - SafePlay Glass

Tempered glass walls for squash and racquetball courts to provide safety and natural ball rebounds.

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Rubber flooring - ShockTile

Rubber tiles for intense use that provide maximum durability, shock absorption, and sound insulation.

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SilenTile rubber tiles for extreme applications

The ultimate rubber flooring solution for fitness centres as it reduces transmitted impact noise in weightlifting zones.

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TurfLink (fitness)

Synthetic sports turf - TurfLink TL60 (Fitness)

Ideal synthetic turf for fitness centres with a sturdy design that allows for the use of sleds.

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TurfLink (soccer)

Synthetic sports turf - TurfLink TL80 (Soccer)

Modular synthetic turf that adapts to sports fields and indoor multi-sport facilities to provide optimal performance and safety.

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Synthetic surfacing for tennis - Uni-Turf

Ideal resilient surface for tennis courts due to its consistency, stability, and functionality during the game.

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Rubber flooring - X-Mat

Rubber tiles designed to support heavy wear while meeting economic requirements.

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