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Gymnasium sports flooring

Gymnasiums today have truly become multifunctional areas. Since we can find them in many types of buildings, like educational facilities, recreation or community centres, and sports complexes, it’s important to ensure you are selecting the right type of sports flooring.

Sports flooring has greatly evolved over the years and there is an array of product options to choose from. If you have a gymnasium in your facility, it is important to consider a floor covering that will best suit your needs and requirements. Specialized sports flooring systems are engineered for top performance and offer greater safety in athletic environments. In addition, our options cover all categories under the ASTM F2772 sports flooring standard.

Best Flooring Solutions for Gymnasiums

Although basketball courts are most commonly used in gymnasiums, don’t forget to consider other sports activities such as volleyball, badminton, handball, and more. There is also a good chance that your gym will need to simultaneously accommodate the needs of many games, activities and events. Therefore, our gymnasium flooring solutions are made to welcome plenty of action, from school assemblies to the big game.

Benefits of Gymnasium Flooring

  • Superior Elasticity: We offer gymnasium flooring options that are specially designed to absorb energy and vibrations.
  • Versatile: Our products are engineered to accommodate a wide-range of indoor sports activities, perfect for gymnasiums and sport complexes.
  • Easy Maintenance: Smooth floor textures allow for easy cleaning & maintenance.
  • Comfortable: Our gymnasium flooring provides ample cushioning, making it the ideal surface for indoor sports.

Not sure which kind of gym flooring is right for you? Contact our sports flooring experts today for guidance on selecting the best flooring for your project.

Our Selection of Gymnasium Flooring

Omnisports Active+Gymnasium flooring for sports - Omnisports Active+ synthetic flooring

Omnisports Active+ is a versatile vinyl flooring with shock and impact absorption capabilities that make it a great solution for multi-sport gymnasium courts.

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Omnisports PurePlayGymnasium flooring for sports - Omnisports PurePlay synthetic flooring

Omnisports PurePlay sports vinyl adds ample cushioning to offer ideal play surfaces in school gymnasiums.

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Omnisports MultiFlexMultiFlex 2 installed in a community centre gymnasium

Omnisports MultiFlex flooring is designed to accommodate a wide-range of sports and activities in gymnasiums and a variety of other applications.

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Action (MFMA)Gymnasium flooring for sports - Action hardwood

Action (MFMA) is a traditional maple hardwood floor system designed for high-performance gymnasium environments.

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KinesportGymnasium flooring for sports - Kinesport combiation of wood and synthetic

Kinesport flooring is composed of a combination of wood and synthetic vinyl for extreme high performance in gymnasiums.

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PolyTurf PlusGymnasium flooring for sports - Pad & Pour polyurethane seamless floor

PolyTurf Plus is a polyurethane poured flooring that is suitable for a variety of activities in school building gyms.

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Game Line ServicesGame lines for sports on gymnasium floors

We provide game line services using the best quality paint and aesthetic value for top play and an accurate game.

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