Sports Flooring Solutions by Project Type

Your type of application is the first step to figuring out which sports flooring product will best suit your environment and your needs. For example, a basketball court will not necessarily require the same flooring as a daycare, a fitness centre, a running track, an arena, or a dance studio. The choice of athletic flooring must be determined in function of its purpose and the activities that will be taking place in the space.

We have categorized by need the many flooring options to consider. The applications listed are meant to help narrow down the choice of product options that will work best for your project. Each category will reveal the products most suited to the particular requirements of that application. Increase your level of satisfaction with a floor of professional quality and optimize the use of your space by selecting the surface that is best designed for your needs.

Advantage Sport offers top quality sports flooring solutions for a variety of athletic projects throughout Canada. If you have a particular surfacing or flooring project in mind or if you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact our experts for more guidance on selecting the best indoor sports flooring according to your project and request a quote from one of our Canadian locations today.


When protecting body joints from impact, shock absorption has great importance when choosing the flooring.

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Durability and toughness to cope with the high traffic requirements of an arena.

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CafetoriumCafetorium - Cafeteria

Engineered to fulfill a multitude of parameters, these high-resistance flooring options are ideal for a variety of applications.

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These resilient floor coverings withstand high traffic and are easily maintained.

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Designed for low degrees of physical activity, these flooring options offer easy maintenance for better hygiene.

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Community CentreCommunity centre

Resilient, non-slip flooring that is suitable for a variety of indoor recreational events.

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DanceDancer performing a dance

Flooring as high performance as those who perform on the surface.

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Versatile, resilient and hygienic flooring that is easy to maintain.

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Safe and protective flooring systems for extreme environments.

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From school assemblies to the big game, durable and multi-functional gymnasium flooring.

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Isolation RoomOmnisports IR for a safe surface in isolation rooms

In situations when materials offering high resiliency are essential.

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Durable and easy to clean flooring solutions for high use spaces.

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Superior quality surface to allow for advantageous sound insulation.

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Whatever your flooring need, we have a product to match your requirements.

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Recreation CentreRecreation centre

Resilient, non-slip flooring that is as suitable for a variety of indoor recreational events.

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Running TrackRunning track

Exceptionally durable, this surface is made to support high traffic.

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Squash CourtSquash court

Fiberesin court systems are considered to be the finest court wall systems on the market.

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Synthetic TurfSynthetic turf field - Artificial turf field

State-of-the-art sports turf systems that promote both long-term performance and safety.

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Consistency in performance and play is a major factor when it comes to tennis.

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