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When choosing sports flooring, we pay close attention to how it’s made, and how its construction can improve play and protect the athlete’s joints. We also consider its appearance and whether the surface will make for easy maintenance. These considerations explain why Omnisports (by Tarkett Sports Indoor) sports flooring is a very popular product in many educational sports settings. However, what is seldom recognized is that in addition to providing many beneficial maintenance and performance characteristics, it also offers high-quality indoor air for your facility. Therefore, this factor is a major consideration that should not be overlooked as most people spend the majority of their lives indoors. In the context of sports environments, the healthier indoor air factor becomes even more important as physical activity accelerates the respiration rate.

There is currently an extensive health movement underway, with more and more people seeking to increase physical activity in their daily lives. With the rigours of certain of our seasons, this translates to practicing a large number of our activities in indoor locations. However, not all sports environments are inherently air healthy. Some flooring manufacturers fail to consider the air quality aspects of their choice in materials in planning their design. This issue has become a major consideration by the supplier of the Omnisports line, which now allows them to offer products of superior value. Recognized by its numerous certifications and sports standards, the Omnisports products are clear in their ability to ensure healthy indoor sports environments.

Asthma, allergies and indoor air quality statistics

The point

Don’t defeat the purpose of playing sports to be in great shape! If the air that we breathe during our activities is not healthy and safe, what’s the point?

We need to think of our overall health and well-being when deciding on a sports floor. Too often, indoor air quality is overlooked when it should probably be at the forefront of decision-making.

Omnisports certifications and standards

  • Phthalate-free manufacturing process
    (manufacturing process that eliminates the use of harmful phthalate plasticizers)
  • Asthma & Allergy Friendly™ certified
  • Floor Score® certified
    (low levels of volatile organic compounds)
  • Exceeds the standards set by REACH
    (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Chemical restriction)
  • Exceeds requirements by the California Proposition 65
    (prohibits the use of harmful substances)
  • Meets Canadian fire testing standards
  • Manufactured in an ISO certified factory
    (International Organization for Standardization)

Material content advantages

  • No lead
  • No cadmium
  • No mercury
  • No formaldehyde

Our goal

By offering high-quality specialized sports flooring, we aim to provide surfaces that are safer and healthier for all athletes and sports enthusiasts.

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Improve your indoor air quality!

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