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Gymnasium vinyl floor with dust, dirt and gravel

Vinyl flexible covering materials, like Omnisports, are becoming one of the most popular flooring systems on the market, especially for gymnasiums. Because of its versatility, a vinyl floor can accommodate a large variety of sports, athletic activities, and multi-purpose applications. This floor covering has the capacity to provide a solution for facilities that require a simple and easy maintenance regimen.

With vinyl flooring, there is no need for sanding, refinishing, stripping, or waxing. Just sweep, wash and rinse.

In previous blog articles, we have already looked at the issue of knowing if chairs and tables are safe for vinyl flooring. We have also examined the solution to protecting your vinyl floor from heavy equipment. In order to complete the general requirements of vinyl surfacing, we’ll be going over some basic guidelines regarding floor maintenance.

  • Entrance mats
    Place entrance mats at all access doors to the gymnasium. These will aid in maintaining your vinyl floor by trapping dirt, dust, sand, and soil. With fewer of these contaminants on the floor, maintenance will be much easier.
  • Shoes
    Inside shoes are recommended to further help in keeping the gymnasium clean. Any sand or gravel that could be embedded in the sole of the shoe will be abrasive and may even puncture the floor. It is also best to have shoes with a white sole (or non-marking sole) so as to prevent unnecessary scuff marks on the floor.
  • Dry mopping
    Any dirt that managed to bypass the entrance mats can easily be swept up with a dry microfiber dust mop. However, the dust mop must not be treated. Because a treated mop uses a treatment solution, it can leave a build-up of residue on the floor, making the surface slippery. This may cause the public to slip and fall when using the room.
  • Washing & Rinsing
    The use of a simple walk-behind automatic floor scrubber is best when cleaning large areas. After most debris have been swept off the floor, wet washing with a cleaning solution will lift any residuals off the floor’s surface. Cleansers or detergents that incorporate waxes, sealers, or solvents are not to be used on the floor. Use the autoscrubber to rinse the flooring properly with water. It is important to rinse thoroughly after a detergent has been used so as to not leave an accumulation of cleaning products on the floor, making it sticky or slippery. Note that the scrubbing pads used on the machine should not be used elsewhere (corridors, cafeteria, other classrooms, etc.) as they could be contaminated with an improper solution (wax, sealer, inappropriate detergent, etc.).
  • Spot cleaning
    For cleaning areas requiring special attention, treat spots and spills immediately with a clean white rag and a neutral detergent. Rinse thoroughly with clear water and dry.

That’s it! The key points are just sweep, wash and rinse. Also, thinking about prevention can absolutely save you work. Maintaining your vinyl floor requires just a few simple actions. For more detailed maintenance instructions, please contact us and we’ll be glad to provide the complete guide!

Grey Maple vinyl floor with dirty footprints
Microfiber broom sweeping gymnasium floor
Spot cleaning gymnasium floor with white rag

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