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The Premium MFMA Athletic Flooring System

Logo of Action Floor SystemsHardwood maple sports floor systems are the most traditional athletic surfaces, in part because they have been in use since the invention of basketball in 1891. Action sports flooring is certified by the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association (MFMA), an organization that ensures hardwood flooring systems meet established standards. Originating from maple trees, which feature a closer and more uniform grain, these dense flooring systems are remarkably strong and durable. Additionally, its resilient characteristics make it perfectly suited for sports applications.

Area Elasticity for Sports Applications

Action flooring systems are designed to enhance the natural shock absorption quality of maple hardwood. They offer what is known as “area elasticity”, an essential feature needed for sports and other athletic activities as it ensures the floor is flexible enough to provide some cushioning properties for comfort. It is therefore perfectly suited for basketball courts in gymnasiums in educational institutions, recreational and community centres, squash and racquetball courts, aerobic exercise rooms, dance studios, churches, family life centers, and many other multi-purpose applications.

These specially designed systems are engineered to provide uniform grip and traction while still offering the other necessary sports surfacing qualities such as resilience, durability, flexibility, and easy maintenance.

Ideal Applications

Action MFMA flooring systems are a great solution for a wide range of applications, including:

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Features & Benefits of Action Sports Flooring Systems


MFMA Member logoAction flooring systems are certified by the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association which outlines certain flooring criteria that a product must meet in terms of manufacturing and the quality of the materials.


Logo of World Squash accredited productAction Floor Systems is a manufacturer of hard maple flooring and specialists in maple sports flooring solutions. Their flooring systems include accredited products officially recognized and authorized by the World Squash Federation.


Logo of Maple Leaf to represent durability of mapleAction MFMA flooring systems are composed of premium maple from well-managed forests. Maple is a dense hardwood that ensures the flooring is strong and resistant.


Image representing a foot on a cushioned surfaceAction MFMA flooring systems contain a shock absorbing structure underneath the floor to ensure the floor is both comfortable, and safe. The area-elastic cushioning of hardwood allows it to be flexible with a wide area of deformation.

Floating Systems vs. Fixed Resilient Systems


Floating systems are exactly what they sound like, they “float” over the concrete slab, and are not mechanically fastened to the concrete in any way. Floating systems are typically recommended for installations where system movement is anticipated. Generally, floating floor systems are more budget-friendly. The main advantage of a floating floor installation is that it does not puncture the vapor barrier installed on top of the concrete slab. Through subfloor components and various elastomeric pads, these system’s key benefits are shock absorption and resiliency. However, for large areas, they do not provide the stability of fixed resilient systems and are not suitable for heavy rolling loads such as bleachers. With older lumber sleeper styles and dimensions, the system can sometimes be susceptible to dead spots because of vibrations. As a general rule, it is recommended that no fixtures, equipment, or bleachers be anchored through floating sports flooring systems and into the concrete slab.


Fixed resilient systems are mechanically fastened to the concrete slab and have a combination of components that allow varying degrees of additional resiliency within the subfloor system. Fixed resilient flooring systems are typically recommended for locations where system movement is not anticipated or desired. Combining features of both floating and fixed systems, fixed resilient systems provide the stabilizing benefits of an anchored subfloor and the resiliency of floating systems. This type of system is ideal for large areas with heavy rolling loads such as bleachers and offers exceptional athletic performance. Generally, this is the design that excels at meeting today’s performance standards; MFMA-PUR, ASTM F2772, EN 14904, and DIN 18032.

Action (MFMA) Floating Systems

ProAction Thrust LP

This floor system utilizes our ProAction natural rubber pads with two layers of plywood for dimensional stability and high shock absorption. The high-performance ProAction Thrust LP Floor System is EN & FIBA certified and is an excellent choice for aerobics and school renovations.

Action Thrust 1Action-Thrust-1

Rated EN compliant, this floating system provides superb shock absorption. With two rubber pad options, it can be tailored to meet your performance standards, from competitive basketball and volleyball or aerobics.

Action (MFMA) Fixed Resilient Systems

GreenFlex F1Action-GreenFlex-F1

This environmentally smart design floor system uses an engineered structural panel system with an integrated flex- property. This anchored resilient system is highly resistant, has uniform playability, and consistent shock absorption. Designed for complete system expansion and contraction.

Power ChannelAction-PowerChannel

This flooring system is highly resilient, has uniform playability, and consistent shock absorption to maximize an athlete’s comfort and performance.

ChannelFlex Ultra NRAction-ChannelFlex-Ultra-NR

A highly resilient system that has  natural rubber pads with continuous steel channels and anchoring blocks with two layers of plywood for dimensional stability and strength. The high-performance floor system is constructed of factory assembled panels.

Available Colour

The maple hardwood can be stained to the desired colour or left as is.

Note : On-screen and printer colour representations may vary from actual colours.


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