Multifunctional sports complex with gymnasium, running track and fitness centre

Combining sports and recreational activities in one location is an increasingly attractive community ambition. It benefits communities financially, socially, and through the improved physical health of the citizens. A multi-purpose sports complex can handle countless guests and sports enthusiasts annually and benefits everyone by enabling them to peruse their favourite activity. It offers the ideal venue for engaging in multiple ways to stay active.

Planning for such a multi-purpose sports centre, however, can be a daunting task. You need an assessment of what the sports facility should offer to the local community. To plan and execute a long-term functional environment, you need to call on the expertise of various suppliers. Here at Advantage Sport, we have all the knowledge and the products required to cover your varied multi-purpose sports flooring needs.

No matter the sport that you are creating an environment for, our sports flooring solutions are developed and adapted to suit multiple applications and ensure high performance for many years to come.

A gymnasium that works for you

If you’re including a gymnasium in your multi-purpose sports complex, we have extensive experience in creating the ideal surface for sports activities such as basketball, volleyball, badminton, handball, and even tchoukball. For each sports flooring application, it is important to judge a floor by the characteristics that optimize it for your purposes. We judge gymnasium flooring with a standard that measures key factors regarding safety and suitability for every sports activity.

The advantages of a running track

Why not consider an indoor running track? Just 30 minutes of brisk walking or jogging each day is recommended to help improve mental and physical health. Walk or jog to your heart’s content without worrying about the weather! Surfacing solutions for this application should be resilient and designed to reduce impact force by absorbing shocks to protect the end user’s joints.

Adding on a fitness room

If you’re incorporating a fitness room, safety and durability are crucial. The surface must be able to withstand rough handling. Many options are available depending on the exact activity. To ensure a successful workout room, it is important to oversee each specific exercise area to find the covering that benefits its specific application.

Think about adding a squash court

If you are considering a squash court, we can go beyond providing the ideal flooring. We also offer the specialized wall system for the head and side walls, and the glass back wall.

Creating a soccer field

Preparing an area for a soccer field is an easy task and we are able to provide you with a successful experience. Our synthetic turf solutions provide the ultimate playing environment for centers that do not want crumb rubber infill but require a surface that meets the highest international requirements. The panel system provides greater flexibility by adapting to a particular situation or use and adjusting to changing circumstances. Furthermore, the innovative fastening system allows for easy installation and de-installation, further enhancing the flexibility of your facility.

Make a multi-purpose room

To integrate other recreational multi-purpose rooms, multiple options are at your fingertips. Sports flooring that is designed to handle many different applications is necessary. Whether it’s for dancing groups, music classes, parties, or other social events, some surfaces are made to handle anything you throw at them!

Make space for kids

Dedicating a zone to daycare facilities by incorporating a childcare play centre can be highly desirable. This will make your sports complex more accessible to families and offers children something to enjoy and look forward to. Children’s programs can be offered in an environment with a surface that is both safe and easy care.


Presenting these sporting options in one place allows numerous different activities to be held at the same time. Friends and families can make good use of these types of centres as each person can access their favourite activity.

Ask our sports surfacing specialists to help you discover the right solution for each of your activities and sports areas. We enjoy the challenge!

Gymnase en bois dans un centre communautaire

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