Rubber tile floor in gym for extremely heavy weights

Case Study – NDG YMCA



In order to establish a winning partnership, the first step should be to build solid ties of mutual trust with our customers. This type of relationship has been maintained for over 10 years with the YMCAs in Quebec and Ontario. Indeed, this is what led the NDG YMCA in Montreal to call upon our expertise in order to resolve the noise transmission problem in their fitness studio.

Problematic situation

The community and sports centre includes a gym with a 10mm thick rubber tile floor covering, a floor that is entirely appropriate for the variety of multifunctional equipment that it contains. So, as with every self-respecting fitness gym, a heavy-weight area is offered to their clientele. However, certain exercises being performed in this section produce a lot of bothersome impact noises for the users. Even worse, since the gym is located on the 2nd floor of the building, the vibrations caused by the impact of weighted plates traveled all the way to their neighbours on the ground floor where a daycare is situated. Well, to say the least, the afternoon naps were probably not the most restful for the little ones. The complaints were accumulating and it became more and more obvious that the 10mm rubber was not enough.


Our specialists visited the site to look into the issue and they recommended the use of our SilenTile rubber tiles for that area. The 2 ½’’ thick tiles are specifically designed for acoustic problems and offer maximum shock absorption. The anti-slip surface is safe and comfortable whereas the sub-layer is composed of rubber feet and voids to provide impact absorption. The hidden fastening system delivers a uniform flooring surface and its FloorScore® certification ensures good air quality for healthy indoor spaces.


The mutual trust between our two businesses has been beneficial because SilenTile delivered the expected results. The users of the weight lifting area can continue their workouts without startling the clientele of the community centre. Also, the kids at daycare can finally play and nap peacefully. In short, since the installation of the rubber tiles, no more complaints!

Thick rubber flooring tiles for extreme protection

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